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September 23, 2001

The Tallahassee Workshop, it was a hoot, 'nuff said!

I think that it is safe to say that everyone enjoyed the wonderful spirit of camaraderie and generosity that was in evidence throughout the weekend.

As to us Mobilians, we had a wonderful week-end with some mighty good people...and learned a lot from the old Florida hands. I brought back seed, grafted stock, and scion with which I have since grafted a few more. I have NO IDEA where I am going to put all of this stuff or what to "dispose of" to fit "it" in the greenhouse. {:>0

BTW, we signed up one new member, left an application for completion with an ex-Baton Rouge hibiscus grower, and spoke to a number of others.

Some cultivars that I picked up in Tallahassee are Elaine's spectacular BOSS, Intensity, Rebellious Spirit, Oliver, David Boulin, Shoo Fly Pie, I Am Woman, Fatso, Old Medley, Love Potion, Sly Fox, etc. There are evidently many new cultivars in the Florida pipeline -- even some good new ones from still-active Joe Ludick.

Samuel H. Andrews IV -- Member-at-Large, American Hibiscus Society -- Mobile, AL



Tallahassee attendee & Sam Andrews watch some grafting.



Elaine Scobey discusses hybridizing.

Don Mixon and Kathy Grandoff


Randy Cox shows his grafting technique.


Barbara Weiss and Don Mixon


As an attendee looks thru a catalog, Ann Buchanan gives some advice


Buck Buchanan and Annelle Cox

Anthony Smith and Elaine Scobey



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