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  • A subscription to The Seed Pod, our quarterly periodical devoted exclusively to information on the culture, use and history of the tropical hibiscus.
• A staff of experts ready to answer your individual questions on the care of your hibiscus.
• A Seed Bank where hand pollinated seeds, solicited from the membership, are available upon request. Distributed to interested persons around the world, our seeds have produced beautiful flowers on every continent, except Antarctica.
Joe Boughton
At a Society show, visual treats compete for ribbons and the public’s attention.
• Access to the AHS Nomenclature Listing which contains over 7,000 varieties of named tropical hibiscus cultivars. Our members may register their own new varieties into the Nomenclature List.
• Established rules for conducting hibiscus shows and standards of perfection for judging.
• Chapter-sponsored classes for training hibiscus show judges and AHS accreditation for qualified judges.
• Two annual membership meetings, including the national convention.
Membership Application
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The American Hibiscus Society was chartered in Palm Beach County, Florida in 1950. Today, its international membership makes it one of the larger specialized plant societies in the world. The Society’s purpose is to encourage and promote the development and improvement of hibiscus.
Through a common love of hibiscus, people find each other... and the world beyond. (Fantasy Charm)
The Seed Pod
Our quarterly magazine averages 36 fact-filled pages, including four pages of full color photographs of new and old varieties of hibiscus. Features include:
• A calendar of events.
• Lists of the winning cultivars from recent hibiscus shows.
• Educational and informative articles about the tropical hibiscus – from cultivation to eradicating dangerous pests.
• Meeting reports.
• Information on upcoming shows and events.
• A complete list of our unique AHS publications available for sale to members, including pamphlets, CDs and how-to-guides.
• Contact information and suggestions.
• Letters from our members and readers, from Canada to Australia, from Sweden to South Africa.
• Good, and sometimes sad, news about our worldwide family of hibiscus enthusiasts.
• Something new each issue.
The Tropical Hibiscus Handbook
To add the finest hibiscus book in print to your library, order TheTropical Hibiscus Handbook!

This new, updated publication draws on its two predecessors (What Every Hibiscus Grower Should Know, and The Hibiscus Handbook) for information compiled by experts in every field of hibiscus culture.

With 120 pages of practical and useful information, including nearly 200 color photos, this is truly the authority on hibiscus care – an indispensable guide that every hibiscus grower must have.

Vibrant colors and breath-taking and shapes. (Herm Geller)
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To ask hibiscus questions, receive personal assistance, and build lasting friendships, subscribe to the Tropical Hibiscus Mail List (THML).

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Membership Details
A Society membership covers two related individuals at the same household address. You can also affiliate with one of the Society’s Chapters, start a new one with other members, or simply remain a stand-alone Member-At-Large (or MAL).
For a colorful Membership Brochure and application with more details about the Society, e-mail Executive Secretary, or send a request to: "Membership Brochure," P.O. Box 1580, Venice, FL 34284-1580.

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Membership Application
(a PDF to download, print and mail)